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Busting Myths About Montessori Education


Some parents have hesitations about enrolling their children in Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas, due to misconceptions they may have heard over the years. Because early childhood is a critical window of time, parents must make an effort to research various educational programs beyond simply adhering to popular opinion.

If you require help accessing reliable information, Montessori Reggio Academy, a preschool campus in Texas, is here to lend you a hand! To set the facts straight about programs such as ours, allow us to bust common myths about Montessori education. They are as follows:

  • Montessori Is Only for Gifted Children.
    Although some may argue that Montessori schools share some features with schools for gifted kids, they were designed to enable all children from pre-primary and above. A Montessori school allows children of varying abilities to express their personalities using hands-on materials, language, numbers, art, music, movement, and other activities.
  • A Montessori Classroom Is Unstructured.
    The Montessori classroom is highly structured, although it is not the same as a typical preschool. It is designed, with its planned activities along with trained primary and elementary teachers, to encourage the observed tendency of children to engage in self-selected, purposeful activities to develop themselves.
  • Only Preschoolers Can Benefit From the Montessori Method.
    Although Maria Montessori began her practice working with preschoolers, the Montessori method has certainly broadened to include Montessori learners of every age.

If you are interested in accessing additional resources, such as those on project-based learning, you are welcome to visit our elementary campus in Texas anytime!

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