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The Montessori Advantage for Your Child’s Early Years


The Montessori philosophy of education laid the foundation of every Montessori Programs in Sugar Land, Texas. This approach is dedicated to helping children develop their full potential by providing enriched learning environments in which they can explore freely and make their own choices about what they want to learn next.

As a premier organization for early childhood education, Montessori Reggio Academy cemented its legacy through the success of its preschool campus in Texas, garnering the Best of Sugar Land Award in the Montessori category six years in a row.

Here are the advantages of Montessori programs:

  • Montessori programs are both child-centered and teacher-guided.

    This philosophy is based on the assumption that children are capable learners; they need to be provided with an environment where learning can take place. This means giving them freedom and an environment where they can try new things without fear of failure or criticism from adults.

  • Montessori programs provide a masterfully planned environment.

    The Montessori classroom provides a carefully planned, stimulating environment which enables children to develop within themselves the foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

  • Montessori programs promote hands-on learning and collaborative play.

    This approach is designed to support children’s natural development. They can choose their activities, explore materials and work independently. They also work collaboratively with other children of similar ages and adults in a way that is age appropriate for them.

In our educational institution, we aim to develop your child’s greatest potential. Our qualified and committed elementary and primary teachers help them reach their goals at their own pace and learning.

Get started with your child’s primary Montessori experience. Call us at (832) 363-5362.

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