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Verbal Exercises for Elementary Learners


Many students excel in school because they have high grades, but most of them have high scores on written works but low scores in participation. Oftentimes, participating in class is a struggle for introverted students in our private school in Sugar Land, Texas.

Besides introversion, there are also other reasons for decreased participation in class. However, elementary teachers at Montessori Reggio Academy are ready to face this challenge. As a response to this concern, we have incorporated effective strategies to promote verbal participation in class. Hereunder are the following:

  • Use of flashcards. With flashcards, meta-cognition is heightened. Students at camp Montessori are encouraged to actively recall the lessons they already know and help them retain more information.
  • Reading out loud. Listening to the words as you speak promotes memory retention. Doing so also improves vocabulary, listening skills, and social skills.
  • Spelling bee. It allows learners to actively learn about language. The rest of the students will be able to learn the language from their classmates or the mistakes committed throughout the activity as well.
  • Guess the act. Divide the class into groups and designate which group will act and which one will guess the act. It’ll help students develop awareness and learn certain skills like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Childcare matters in our school. Ergo, besides PBL activities, we wanted our students to actively participate in class through verbal exercises while allowing them to play and learn from others.

Become more indulged with the Montessori ways! Learn about the importance of PBL at our elementary and preschool campus in Texas, and find out what more a Montessori Private School can offer.

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