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“Learning Today, Lasting a Lifetime”

Montessori Reggio Academy is proud to announce that we will be partnering with seven seeds! Beginning in August, seven seeds will be accessible to each family. Montessori Reggio Academy: Elementary is distinctive in that it is the first in the nation to partner with parents through the at-home learning platform. Enriching the school curriculum with family study, students learn and practice the soft skills that are proven to lead to success: confidence, goal setting, healthy habits, healthy relationships with money, a positive mindset, social skills, and teamwork. Since parent involvement is the number one predictor of future success, parents are active participants in these lessons, supported by Montessori Reggio Academy.

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What seven seeds & Montessori Reggio Academy Families Gain

  • Greater connection among family members and community at-large
  • 3x increased effectiveness of educational and social results when involving parents in learning
  • Lasting, happy memories through families’ weekly coaching activities
  • 40% decrease in parent stress with learning programs that help manage behavioral health
  • Positive steps to accomplish goals and reach desired results

How It Works

Big ideas made simple: seven seeds™ was created specifically to provide the best soft skills lessons in the most time efficient, engaging, results-oriented process, so every family can thrive. We leveraged experts in the field of soft skills development and personal growth to create resources that provide learning for the whole family! Students will be able to complete 10 minute engaging mobile lessons viewed on a phone or a laptop throughout the week. Data shows that the number one determinant of future success is parental involvement. With that in mind, all of our students are automatically enrolled in the home-based, family-learning Seven Seeds model. Each week, a foundational skill is presented through a fun cartoon that will lead to family discussion and reinforcement of an important life skill. Students and their families will study:

  • confidence
  • goal setting
  • healthy habits
  • healthy relationships with money
  • a positive mindset
  • social skills
  • teamwork

Together, we will support our students in academic, relational, and life skills leading to motivation, personal responsibility, and a true love of learning!

Here is a sample video of what to expect with seven seeds!

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