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The Montessori environment is a bright, open, tidy, appealing-to-the-eye, uncomplicated, and authentic setting in which each aspect has a purpose in the child’s growth. The atmosphere is scaled to the height and size of the children, with low shelves, tables, and chairs of various sizes where they can sit alone or in groups. The classroom is organized into thematic zones with shelves displaying related materials and bibliography, allowing for a lot of movement. Children can work in groups or on their own, as long as they follow their own style and rhythm. The atmosphere encourages the child’s independence while he or she explores and learns.

Programs Children Can Enroll

Children from Greatwood can enroll in Infant, Toddler, and Primary programs at the Montessori School in Sugar Land. While your child is in our care, we are devoted to providing simple ways for you to stay connected throughout the day. The Montessori School offers the following programs.

Montessori Program of Infants

At Montessori, babies are cared for in a special way. Our lovely Montessori infant care facility is welcoming, friendly, and constructed with mobility in mind. We encourage and support your child’s independence in our wonderful new-born classroom. We adhere to a child’s normal sleeping and waking cycle. The natural hunger patterns of a child determine meals and feedings.

Montessori Toddlers Program

Toddlers use their bodies, senses, and developing problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in ways that are most relevant and successful for them. Toddlers seek out information on their own, learn quickly and easily, and are particularly keen in displaying independence. Our toddler classrooms provide children the opportunity to study as much as they can in the shortest amount of time.

Montessori Program of Primary

For children aged 3 to 5, the Montessori Primary program provides a unique mixed-age classroom atmosphere. Individual learning experiences and one-on-one interactions, that are central to the Montessori methodology, come about here. As children grow older, they begin to see things that adults consider mundane as fascinating and unique. Sorting, pouring, and cleaning dishes are examples of practical life exercises that completely absorb children. We see this as the beginning of mental and physical control and coordination.

Montessori Elementary School Program

The Montessori elementary school model cultivates individuals who are unique and compassionate. This is the period at which your children are ready for abstract cognition, which leads to learning abstract concepts, thanks to the firm foundation created in Primary school. Students can learn decency, tolerance, and respect for others in a setting that encourages them to do so. They are taught to make informed decisions, manage their time effectively, and view failures as opportunities for growth. They’ll need all of these skills throughout their lives.

About Montessori Reggio Academy

Montessori Reggio Academy takes remarkable pleasure in imparting genuine Montessori training that is supplemented with an arts and technological know-how program — a one-of-a-type aggregate of tried-and-actual studying techniques. This technique is a preschool and number one training philosophy focused on the beliefs of respect, accountability, and network through inquiry and discovery in supportive and stimulating surroundings through a self-guided curriculum primarily based totally on the kid’s interests.