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Parent testimonials

  • “Mackenzie’s time at MRA not only helped her prepare for the rigorous academics at the St. John’s School, it also gave her the social skills to be a contributing member of her school community. We are thankful for the school’s approach to helping her be a lifelong learner. The care and love that the MRA teachers shared are the reason she loves school.”- Melissa Veltri, Mackenzie’s Mom

    Mackenzie Veltri

  • “After graduating from MRA in May 2021, Will is now thriving in Kindergarten and looks forward to every new day at school. MRA fueled his love for learning and he will carry that with him throughout his educational career. We are so thankful for our MRA family and the friendships we have made that will last a lifetime.”-Christine Micheletti, Will’s Mom

    William (Will) Micheletti

  • “Montessori Reggio Academy has provided Audrey with a supportive and nurturing community while providing her with the freedom to develop and learn at her pace. We are grateful to the caring teachers and to the little people who she calls her first friends in life. From a 20 month old who was struggling with speech, Audrey is now excelling in kindergarten. We are so pleased with the foundation and confidence that she has gained at MRA.”- Dr. Ann Vo Tran, Audrey’s Mom

    Audrey Tran

  • “Sofia loves school and learning. She is showing strong growth and understanding in all academic areas. Her teacher reports she works hard, is a good friend to others, and enjoys being a classroom helper. She recently had a speaking part in the Kinder performance. We are so proud of Sofia and ever grateful to MRA for the foundational skills Sofia learned in her time there.” Laura Gray, Sofia’s Mom

    Sofia Gray