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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in
his own language, that goes to his heart.”

-Nelson Mandela

At Montessori Reggio Academy, we embody the spirit of speaking to both the head and the heart. From our respectful and engaging lessons to our diverse classrooms, we teach and model communication and understanding. And no program reflects that better than our Language Immersion Program.

We offer a research-backed immersion experience in both Spanish and Mandarin classes as part of our well-rounded curriculum. Although we are very much an international school, we are thousands of dollars less than our competitors. On top of that, while other schools only operate during the traditional school year, we provide year-long classes and care. Our Summer Around the World series has been a staple of our curriculum since we opened our doors. Through June, July, and August, we study countries and cultures from the U.S. to China and back again, and we’ve seen the impact this has made on our students. We really delve into the world around us to help students become critical thinkers at a young

This fall, we are proud and excited to introduce our Language Immersion Program so that all students will have the opportunity to learn and grow in another language.

Why is this so important for students to Learn this at such a young age?
Research shows that students under 10 years old are at the optimal age to learn and retain languages, doing so at a much more rapid pace than adults. They process, memorize, and incorporate new words and meanings, and they remember what they have learned for a lifetime.

But there’s something even deeper at work when a child learns to speak another language. It gives children empathy with other cultures and helps them open their minds and hearts to other people. We need more of that in the world!

At MRA, students incorporate language into songs, literature, daily activities, and one-on-one lessons. The daily repetition of words and phrases become second nature to the students, who, immersed in the language consistently, steadily become fluent.

What are the benefits of Spanish and Mandarin Language Immersion?

  • Spanish is spoken by 440 million people or almost 20% of the world’s population! That means when children travel, they are likely to encounter Spanish speakers.
  • Right here in Fort Bend County, 15.5 percent of households speak Spanish. Just moving through daily life, students will encounter Spanish speakers.
  • Mandarin is the second most spoken language in the world after English! Over 1,100 million people speak Mandarin as a first or second language.
  • Chinese symbols and characters require a steady hand, improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Learning a language is a fantastic way to delve into a culture and truly understand it.
  • Studies show that bilingual students have better short and long-term memory.
  • Bilingual children as young as 3 years old have a head start on understanding perspectives, social, and emotional skills.

Montessori Reggio Academy provides these benefits for every student every day. Using the Montessori hands-on approach to learning, students engage actively in lessons, work at their own pace, and incorporate a second language into their daily lives.

At MRA, we set kids up for success!

To find out more about MRA’s one-of-a-kind Language Immersion Program and get more information about admissions please click here.