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A Helpful Guide on Preparing Your Child for School


As a leading primary Montessori, we understand how difficult, overwhelming, and stressful it can be for a child to be away from his or her parents for the first time. That is why, the first day of school may not always go smoothly. So, we have created this short guide on how you can prepare your child and reduce their anxiety.

  • Schedule a tour before the first day of school.
    It is important for children to know what to expect. So, having a feel of their environment can help them feel more at ease when the time comes. If possible, let them meet their primary teachers as well.
  • Practice, practice, and practice.
    Practice preparing for school for 2 weeks. This will help make sure they know what to do every morning and reduce the chances of their anxiety from building up.
  • Take them shopping.
    One of the best ways to get them excited is to bring them out to buy their stuff for school. Let them decide on what color they want, what bag, lunch box, or pencil case to buy, and more.

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