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Practical Activities for Childhood Learning


Lessons and skills are not just learned at school and in books.

Practical lessons can come from different sources. When a child is exposed to a variety of learning materials, they become well-rounded adults able to learn with versatility. Hands-on learning is an important way to learn, as many skills are learned by doing.

Hands-on activities can be designed based on the child’s learning milestones and learning objectives. Whatever the activity may be, the goal is to expose the child to different environments where they can explore by themselves and practice what they can do.

As a provider of Kindergarten, here are some practical activities you can try with your child next time.

  • Gardening – Learning about nature and the environment can come alive with gardening. The child can be given tasks that they can perform, such as planting a seed or watering a plant.
  • Building blocks – Toys are a good (and safe) way to explore the world of construction. The child can freely create what they want as they attempt to express what they want to show.
  • Cooking snacks – Child-friendly cooking utensils are available in the market. Giving the child some responsibility in making their favorite snacks can inspire their desire to be in the culinary scene.

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