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What Parents Should Know About School-Aged Children


School-age child development describes the abilities of children ages 6 to 12. If your children are between these ages and you want to learn more about these formative years, Montessori Reggio Academy, a private school in Sugar Land, Texas, is at your service!

With our years of experience as childcare professionals, we can equip you with the necessary information and resources about your children’s learning and development! That said, here are changes to expect among school-aged children along with the respective areas:

  • Physical Development
    Since their growth is influenced by various factors, there will be significant variances in height, weight, and build among children of this age. Sedentary behaviors in school-age children are related to an increased risk of obesity and heart disease in adulthood. Hence, children of this age group should engage in physical activity daily—something we aim to achieve starting from your children’s kindergarten years.
  • Language Development
    Early school-age children are expected to construct basic but full sentences with 5 to 7 words on average. As your children progress through elementary school, they will utilize increasingly complex phrases. You can trust that our elementary teachers will do all they can during this period to set your little ones up for success.
  • Behavioral Development
    Throughout the school-age years, children may engage in behaviors that will enable them to fit in, as peer acceptance becomes especially important. Discussing these behaviors with your children is crucial, so they can grasp which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

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