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Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in a Private School

If you’re considering sending your child to a private school in Sugar Land, Texas, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into. Many parents are under the impression that private schools are only for wealthy families and that there isn’t much difference between public school and private school education.

As a top-notch elementary campus in Texas, we break down the essential advantages of enrolling your child in a private institution such as the award-winning Montessori Reggio Academy.

  • Close-knit community

    Smaller class sizes are one of the most important benefits of private schools. Fewer students in a class mean teachers have more time to work with each student individually, which can provide more personalized attention and childcare.

  • Attentive teachers

    Our sterling primary and elementary teachers take great pride in teaching each student to value excellence, leadership, and diversity. They devote more time to keeping students excited about learning.

  • Better academics

    We provide a genuine Montessori education enhanced by a Reggio Emilia arts and science program — a unique fusion of tried-and-true teaching strategies. We utilize this philosophy of education as it is geared toward early childhood and elementary education.

The guiding concepts of Montessori Reggio Academy emphasize respect, accountability, and community via inquiry-based learning in a nurturing atmosphere. Along with extracurricular activities, we also provide a Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Program.

To discuss more on how your child can enroll, contact us at (832) 363-5362.

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