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Importance of Teamwork Between Parents and Teachers

Creating an encouraging and safe learning environment as children start their academic journey is crucial. With their natural curiosity, the learning process of preschoolers cannot be contained in the four walls of the classroom. So it is just as important that a home is also a place where kindergarten children are encouraged and supported to learn.

As a leading private school in Sugar Land, Texas, we value the role of parents and guardians in the learning journey and holistic development of our students. For children to deeply understand the lessons and values they learn in school, the teachings should be supplemented by practical applications at home. It is in this phase of the learning process that the involvement of parents and guardians is important.

Being a trusted provider of childcare and early education, it is our passion and mission to cultivate a supportive environment and culture to facilitate the holistic development of our students. In their academic journey with us, we encourage the active role of parents by being role models in their families.

A Primary Montessori that advances holistic and academic development is vital in developing a child’s love for learning. At Montessori Reggio Academy, we build up the confidence of our students so they sustain their curiosity and motivation to learn more.

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