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Multiple Intelligences Your Kids May Develop


Intelligence is the capacity to gain knowledge, use, and produce new solutions from what was previously learned. It is the ability to think, reason, question, and draw conclusions.

Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas are appropriate for kids with the gift of intelligence.

Below are the types of intelligence your children under childcare may possess:

  • Linguistic Intelligence
    It is also called verbal-linguistic intelligence. A child in kindergarten may possess well-developed verbal and language skills and sensitivity to sounds, meanings, and rhythms of words.
  • Mathematical Intelligence
    Also called logical-mathematical intelligence, this is the ability to use numbers and symbols effectively, apply good reasoning, think conceptually and abstractly, and the capacity to discern logical or numerical patterns.
  • Musical Intelligence
    Also called musical-rhythmic intelligence, this is the ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch, and timbre. It is related to high sensitivity to sounds and music found in nature.
  • Naturalist Intelligence
    Also called natural intelligence, this is the ability to recognize and categorize plants, animals, and other objects in nature. A naturalist is also involved in archaeology, geology, and filming documentaries.
  • Existential Intelligence
    Your child may have sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence which are hard to interpret, even by primary teachers, such as the meaning of life and how we got here.

As a primary Montessori, we believe that we can help children hone these gifts. They will enjoy their stay at Montessori Reggio Academy.

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