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Project-Based Learning for Educators and Learners


New approaches are brought upon by modernization and innovations. As providers of Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas, Montessori Reggio Academy aims to keep up with unconventional teaching methods to aid students in learning differently and effectively.

Primary Montessori introduces Project-Based Learning (PBL), a student-centered teaching method that encourages learning through exposure to real-world challenges and an inquiry-based approach to answering complex questions.

The goal of PBL in our elementary campus in Texas is to help both students and teachers as they respectively learn and impart knowledge and apply certain skills.

Specifically, students are taught the importance of collaboration, given real-world scenarios to find the right tools and utilize technology to get the job done, encouraged to exhaust all resources to solve a problem, and made to develop project-management skills through a variety of PBL activities.

Our primary teachers, on the other hand, are tasked to teach the significance of personal responsibility, design homework and projects that would help learners analyze, synthesize, and evaluate a certain topic of interest, and provide numerous ways to conduct student assessment.

With the help of PBL, our camp Montessori learners are given creative, fun, and new ways to soar high in the academy. Educators as well are becoming innovative in their teaching methods and are enjoying lesser workloads due to the eradication of spoon-feeding in the classroom.

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