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Teaching Reading and Writing the Montessori Way


There are many ways to teach a child how to read and write. Dr. Maria Montessori’s way of teaching has started an effective learning approach that continues to be significant today.

So, how does Dr. Montessori teach reading and writing?

Her education style started in challenging environments — where children have trouble with learning and discipline. But, she observed how the youngsters learn better from their surroundings — when they do tasks by themselves.

The Montessori approach to reading and writing starts with a positive and natural learning experience. Children learn to read first — recognizing letters, learning sounds, and playing with the combinations. This progresses into learning words through a movable alphabet which begins the groundwork for writing. As you can see, the learning approach is about recognizing the importance of the learning environment in supporting the child’s education — whether they are learning about reading or writing.

Teaching kindergarten children to read and write calls for skills and character. As your trusted Preschool Campus in Texas, we strive to be your leading choice when it comes to your child’s education.

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