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Why Repetition Works for Learning


There is more to repetition than the iteration of a concept or task. Repetition is useful for learning, and there are different ways why children learn better with this method.

Before we continue understanding the advantages of repetition, we must realize that repetition comes in different forms beyond doing the same thing again and again. Repetition may start by observing a task and then doing it later with oneself or others.

Repetition done in an effective environment reinforces any skill. Skills need quality practice over time to be mastered. As a Preschool Campus in Texas, we believe that the basic activity to reinforce any given skill is to repeatedly do it over time.

Repetition improves the chances of success. As the child continues to build the skill, they improve the quality of their performance. If they pay attention to what should be corrected and continue highlighting their strengths, repetition increases their success rate.

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