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The Power of Repetition in Child Education


Repetition can be a good learning method for all ages. This approach is fairly simple and very easy to learn. As repetition is known, it can easily be replicated and applied in almost all subject areas.

So, why do children embrace repetition as a learning style?

There are a variety of reasons repetition contributes to learning. Here are some of them.

  • Repetition is an approach to perfection. Perfect or near-perfect is everyone’s goal and as your child learns a new task or a new concept, they aim to be able to deliver “perfectly.” Repetition provides the process of becoming closer to that goal.
  • Repetition reinforces the skill. An unused skill is like an unsharpened blade. As such, repetition enhances the skill and the child remembers how to perform within their standards.
  • Repetition provides an opportunity to be better. Repeating something over and over again makes the individual realize the small changes in each performance — which may be an improvement or a decline. Realizing these changes provide inputs to do better on the next repeat.
  • Repetition refines the senses and encourages focus. Repetition engages all senses of the body in the activity which can be a helpful process in gaining and maintaining focus.

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