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Why Is a Montessori Private School a Good Choice?


Montessori Reggio Academy is a private school in Sugar Land, Texas that offers quality education in hopes of helping learners advance to higher education with top-tier skills, outstanding academic performance, and multiple intelligence.

Our elementary campus and preschool campus in Texas have features that are different or are missing from some public schools which makes ours a better choice. Hereunder are some of them:

  • Tailored programs. Unlike public schools that are required to adhere to a certain educational curriculum, our camp Montessori private school offers tailored programs such as project-based learning activities.
  • Better facilities and equipment. Most facilities in a private school are owned by the school. We can invest in standard facilities and useful equipment because of the fund donated by the generous parents of our elementary and kindergarten students. There are modern laboratories, auditoriums, and sports facilities in private schools compared to public schools.
  • More after-school programs. Parents enroll their children in sports, literary-musical, dance, self-defense classes, and the like after class to give them good training as they join competitions both at national and international levels.
  • A greater sense of community. This is a unique characteristic of every private school. Childcare is manifested through a variety of programs that aim to improve the practical skills and drills of students while promoting camaraderie.

Become more indulged with the Montessori ways! Have a gist of how we increase verbal participation in class and the importance of incorporating PBL activities in the classroom.

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