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Montessori Project-Based Learning Activities


Incorporating new, fun, and creative ways to teach a variety of lessons to learners is the primary goal of Project-Based Learning (PBL), a student-centered, inquiry-based approach to teaching students at Montessori Reggio Academy, your provider of Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas.

At camp Montessori, we teach Language, Mathematics, and History subjects, among others, through different PBL activities. Hereunder are some of them:

  • Play Area. In this activity, elementary teachers will ask learners to draw a playground and instruct them to incorporate different geometrical shapes. For instance, learners need to draw two isosceles triangles representing the slides.
  • Debate. This will encourage them to research and provide facts regarding a subject matter. Since social issues are too complex for their age, you can simply use topics involving their families, peers, or school.
  • Drama and Play. To teach History and Literature effectively, primary Montessori educators can divide the students into groups and ask them to play a historical event or a specific scenario in a well-known Literature book.
  • Presentation. Students at our elementary campus in Texas are tasked to create a business proposal or marketing presentation based on research to harness their communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Writing and Storytelling. For instance, students will be asked to write a story regarding a Math problem and share it with the class. The rest of the students are then encouraged to provide the solution.

Take your child’s learning to the next level through these fun and informative PBL activities!

Become more indulged with the Montessori ways! Learn about some of the verbal lessons we teach at school and find out what more a Montessori Private School can offer.

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