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Parents and Teachers: Cooperation for Learning


It takes a whole community to raise a child. This message also indicates many people are involved in providing quality education for a single child. The responsibility of learning does not lie on the shoulders of the parents alone. The responsibility of learning is a shared effort from the parents, teachers, community figures, government, and many others.

The role of parents and teachers is especially given focus due to the proximity and intensity of their involvement with the child. And while we commonly associate a teacher being at school and the parents at home, the line where one begins and the other’s responsibility ends is now blurry.

A teacher’s role may focus on teaching a more structured curriculum and the conduct of the child in the company of their peers. A parent’s role may be more suited at home and in familiar settings. But this does not mean each side is working on its own. When teachers and parents cooperate, they can realize a more holistic learning program for the child – one that is not limited by the bounds of the school or the home.

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