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How to Support Your Little Scientists


Inquisitiveness is natural in children. The preschool years of children are also the phase where they ask never-ending “But why?” questions. During this period, the school and parents must be supportive to further develop the curious mind of the preschoolers. This is why we maintain our preschool campus in Texas as a safe learning space for our students to wander and discover more about their surroundings.

Aside from a safe learning environment, it is also vital that we give our young scientists opportunities to develop their love for science and experimental skills. Our Montessori Programs in Sugar Land, Texas include age-appropriate science lessons and activities. Through these lessons and activities, the critical and creative thinking of our students is further developed.

While conducting science activities and experiments, our primary teachers are always alert to ensure that our students are safe. They are there to instruct and facilitate so everyone can have a full learning experience. Our professional teachers are knowledgeable in the classes they teach and are trained in childcare. In their hands, your children will learn and enjoy their time at school.

At our Primary and Elementary Campus in Texas, we encourage the interests of our students, including science. If you are looking for an early education institution that aims to help the holistic development of your child, visit us at Montessori Reggio Academy.

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