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A Closer Look Into Toddler hood


There is no denying that the toddler years are one of the most exciting times for parents. Every day, your little ones are learning something new and are likewise revealing more and more of their distinct personalities. Are your little ones entering their toddler years? Montessori Reggio Academy, a leading provider of Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas, urges you to read on!

As proven and tested childcare experts, we have gathered and answered some of the commonly asked questions about toddlerhood with the hopes of increasing your knowledge of it:

  • When will my toddler become ready for potty training?
    There are variations when toddlers start to potty train ranging throughout the pre-primary years. Instead of focusing on timelines, look for signs that your toddler is ready, such as expressing the urge to go, being able to hold the urge, and understanding terms regarding going potty.
  • Is my toddler’s vocabulary developing appropriately?
    More than just an exciting milestone, talking is a critical one. While children have diverse personalities and communication methods, the key is for parents to search for noticeable improvements every year. This is especially important before starting kindergarten so they can make a smooth and successful transition.
  • Are their temper outbursts normal?
    In contrast to the babies who needed your constant assistance, your toddlers are now ready to explore their environment and push their limitations. When these two points of view conflict, outbursts can occur. If you would like to go into the specifics of healthy tantrums, you can count on us.

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