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Why the Art Process Is Important in Education


Art is an expression of our imagination and it plays a critical role not just in education but in real life. Life without imagination is one without opportunities for the better.

The art process is especially important when it comes to Montessori’s education. For one, children learn to develop social and emotional skills. The art process is about “expression” — which is also the groundwork for interacting with others. As the child learns to express themselves and understand the expression of others, they gain emotional intelligence and social skills.

Curiosity and creativity are encouraged in every aspect of art. As such, the child learns how to be naturally observant and curious about their environment. They ask about what-ifs and think of possibilities. They learn to be persistent and committed to creating something that expresses what they think and feel.

The finished artwork is more than just output — the child has learned hard work, discipline, and confidence in being able to produce something by themselves. The lessons and skills they have learned can be deemed as “capital” for their next art project or any life project.

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