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Traits and Interests of Smart Kids


People may say kids from our private school in Sugar Land, Texas are too smart they may do weird things. But that isn’t true at all.

All children, whether in a primary Montessori or not, may have interests different than the others, and that’s what makes them unique.

But when it comes to smart children, here is what our elementary teachers observe:

  • An intelligent child easily interprets graphics and flow charts. He could recognize places he had been even when he was little. Easily imagine how objects would be seen from a different perspective.
  • A smart child has an adrenaline rush. He loves to dance or get involved in extreme sports. He has an effective ability to mentally measure a physical space.
  • There is a deep self-knowledge characteristic in the child. He finds personality tests interesting. He likes to meditate and loves to spend time alone for self-reflection and self-perception.
  • The child has a constructive imagination. He is innovative. He constantly changes and tries different ways on how he does things to improve results.
  • A gifted child has virtuous behavior and easily gets irritated when something is unfair. He gets involved in charity work and loves giving to someone in need. He is humble and compassionate.

We treat each child equally at our preschool campus in Texas regardless of their skills and abilities. Here at Montessori Reggio Academy, we ensure to give every kid the attention they need to know where they excel and where they need to focus more on.

So when looking for a pre-primary school to enroll your child, you are in the right place here.

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