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The Roles of Teachers to Their Students


At Montessori Reggio Academy, we encourage our primary and elementary teachers to take on different roles to help our students learn in a variety of ways. This will also cater to the differences in their learning method as one student learns more through observation or listening while the other learns through simulations.

Our private school in Sugar Land, Texas ensures that teachers become a big part of their growth and development. These are some of the roles our teachers take on to satisfy this aim:

  • Controller and Prompter. Teachers in camp Montessori oversee and take charge of the entire class. They should encourage students to participate and do well in their activities.
  • Sufficient Source of Correct Information. When children try to make sense of their world, they tend to ask many questions. Hence, teachers should be good and correct sources of information.
  • Assessors. They should be objective in assessing students’ performance. Take note that the Montessori approach to teaching emphasizes childcare. Thus, teachers should be able to provide them with feedback and correction in a manner that will not discourage them emotionally.
  • Effective Performance Organizers. Teachers should prepare and organize performance tasks that can stimulate children’s minds and bodies. Instructions should be explained comprehensively.
  • They Should Serve as a Participant and Tutor. They should not only guide students and clarify their tasks but also take part in the activity. This way, they can interact and form positive relationships with the students.

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