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Meet our Elementary Teacher !

Meet Ms. John!

Elementary Lead Teacher

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Meet Ms. Zarin!

Elementary Co-Lead Teacher

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Elementary At Montessori Reggio Academy

Here at Montessori Reggio Academy, your child’s success is our top priority. Our professional and dedicated Montessori teachers work endlessly with our students to get them where they need to be both in the classroom and in this world. Students are self-paced & self-led while being guided by our highly trained Montessori Reggio Academy teachers to help them achieve their goals. Each classroom has students of various ages which aids in independence, growth, & maturity. We encourage our students to ask questions, speak their mind, & let it wander freely to help them later on be confident in their abilities.

In the Classroom:

Our students work both individually & in small groups while they are learning. Students are self-paced & self-led while being guided by our highly trained Montessori-Certified teachers. Our Montessori environment consists of a clean space, natural lighting, & subdued colors helping our students have a clear mind when they are working.

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. Children are believed to be “knowledge bearers,” so they are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about their learnings to their teachers and peers. Our students have monthly Reggio themes that follow our curriculum. They do various Reggio projects that help them better understand what they are learning.

Elementary is an exciting time when fine motor skills are developed and students gain a heightened sense of comprehension and responsibility. Students advance their listening, speaking, and social skills and we hone in to focus on skills necessary for core areas. Our curriculum is designed with your child’s success in mind and aims to accomplish all milestones.

The MRA Elementary Curriculum

In Grades K-5, students will follow a curriculum that aligns with the Fort Bend ISD standards. The Montessori philosophy is practiced in all classrooms, and further enrichment opportunities take place during Reggio time. Below is a sample of what children learn in these fundamental years.

Practical Life

  • Connecting with the outside world and community
  • Using tools to organize and manage time
  • Interacting socially with peers and teachers
  • Taking responsibility for learning
  • Prioritizing and meeting goals and deadlines


  • Number concepts, place value, numerals, and related quantities
  • Complex functions
  • Advanced mathematical knowledge and understanding
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Use of technology
  • Student-centered math discussions
  • Use of multiple representations to communicate mathematics
  • Application of problem-solving skills
  • Reasoning and sense making


  • Mastery of conventions thorough studies of grammar, spelling, and mechanics
  • Complex functions
  • Production of written work with careful penmanship and keyboarding
  • Reading, analyzing, thinking critically
  • Comparing and contrasting literature to support personal opinion and perspective
  • Presenting ideas through formal and informal presentations

Blending of the five strands of the English Language Arts and Reading standards:

Reading, Writing, Oral and Written Conventions, Research, and Listening and Speaking

Cultural Studies/Social Studies

  • The interconnectedness of all living things
  • The history of our nation and world
  • World geography
  • Civics, peace and justice, citizenship
  • Economics
  • The arts
  • World language, including Spanish and Mandarin
  • Human advancement
  • What it means to be a responsible citizen in the world
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Physical and life sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Health and safe practices
  • Conservation
  • Data collection
  • The scientific process

What makes Montessori Reggio Academy the premier private school in Sugar Land?

Launched from our award-winning preschool, the Elementary Campus of Montessori Reggio Academy supports future success and a love of learning through all of the following:

  • Small classes that lead to personal attention, unrivaled safety and health standards, and student-teacher ratios that support individual learning
  • A curriculum based on academic and personal success, not politics
  • Advanced mathematical knowledge and understanding
  • The ability for students to progress at their own pace, yet be carefully monitored and track to ensure growth and success
  • Multi-age classrooms so peers learn from one another
  • Mandarin and Spanish instruction
  • Family values and respect for the family unit
  • Reggio principles and specialized project room
  • Huge outdoor play and discovery area, with Sports programs and an on-site PE Coach to ensure plenty of fresh air and exercise
  • IXL technology program