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Difference Between Montessori and Other Curricula

When it comes to childhood education, Montessori is one of the preferred learning approaches. But why does this approach continue to gain momentum throughout the world?

The Montessori Theory is the key aspect of its movement — grounded on the principle that mental and motor activity should be in sync. What happens in the mind should be in unity with the physical body. The child is provided with the space to act as a whole.

Is this way of thinking really different from other learning institutions or is it a new discovery?

The Montessori Theory is a practical concept that could have been easily taught through the centuries until the present. However, what makes this approach different from other curricula is the implementation of the theory.

For example, our Preschool Campus in Texas does not just have this principle on our website or in school advertisements. Our primary teachers are trained to enable such concepts into place. Our teachers are facilitators of learning — collaborative members of the learning process. This fosters independence, and the child is encouraged to reach their potential.

Variety, adaptability, and flexibility in learning styles are enforced in Montessori Reggio Academy. We understand how unique each child can be and with this acknowledgment, we are ready with different approaches for effective learning.

Our Private School in Sugar Land, Texas, is ready to help prepare the future for your child.

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