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Understanding the Absorbent Mind


The mind of a child is truly full of promise. As adults, we may be able to compare how we used to learn quickly when we were younger. Some of us, especially Elementary Teachers, may be able to witness this observation in our kids or with other children.

There is a period in our childhood when learning peaks – information is immediately learned, and progress is steep. This intense learning period happens when our minds can absorb as much information as possible.

The absorbent mind is apparent from birth until year six when a child is exposed to the environment, and they are quickly able to learn and adapt. The child learns what to make of facial expressions. The child understands what words mean. The child learns what to eat and which tastes they prefer.

The unconscious stage of an absorbent mind happens earlier and without much intent to learn – the process seems to happen naturally by mimicking others and understanding the observations they notice. As the child grows, the conscious stage indicates awareness to focus and explore based on their intents.

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