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The Reggio Emilia Approach in the Infant Classroom

High-quality care and learning for infants is one of the ways to promote your baby’s development. In addition to our Montessori programs in Texas, we utilize the Reggio Emilia approach in our classroom for infants. This creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for young learners while encouraging freedom and a sense of structure as they interact with others.

Children are competent, active learners even from infancy. Hence, they can benefit from a good educational start even before their time on an elementary campus in Texas. Here, we take a look at how the Reggio approach is applied in the classroom.

With the Reggio approach, relationships are emphasized in an infant classroom. This ensures that your baby receives the positive interaction he or she needs to promote healthy development. Moreover, a predictable routine is established to promote a sense of stability. Feedings, reading, naps, and other activities are provided at an established schedule. This makes the children feel secure and promotes social and language development.

With this approach, the classroom environment also plays a vital role in children’s healthy development. A high-quality classroom for children is designed to engage their senses. Babies thrive in a soothing sensory environment where children develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Language skills that entail naming objects, singing, and discussing pictures.

  • Fine motor skills that entail reaching, picking up objects, and doing artwork.

  • Social skills that entail developing manners through interactions.

  • Self-care that entails toileting, eating, and more according to the child’s capacity.

Here at Montessori Reggio Academy, we prioritize your child’s success. We utilize the Reggio Emilia approach in our private school in Sugar Land, Texas. To learn more about our program for infants and young children, reach out to us.

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