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The Facets of Montessori Philosophy


Children are innately curious and eager to learn, especially when they’re given support and a relatively prepared learning environment. Montessori Reggio Academy offers Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas that will encourage the development of your children through the facets of Montessori Philosophy – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

  • Physical. This refers to the environment where they can freely move, be comfortable even when sitting on the floor, and have access to learning tools and amenities. Preparing their physical environment, especially in pre-primary and kindergarten, lets them participate actively in physical activities.
  • Social. This involves their circle. Primary and elementary teachers demonstrate the attitude of stewardship with an emphasis on kindness and respect. Their classmates, on the other hand, especially those at higher levels who interact with them during activities, are given a chance to foster leadership, mentorship, and dynamic relationships within the classroom.
  • Emotional. In primary Montessori, we teach our students to be independent because it is how they can gain self-confidence. We also help them in obtaining self-esteem by valuing and treating them with respect.
  • Cognitive. We offer a variety of subjects and co-curricular activities to strengthen their engagement in learning. Our program and subject offerings allow them to discover their niche. As they venture into cognitive development, they can practice self-correction and self-assessment.

We believe these facets will help your child grow as a great learner and stand out in what the future holds. Let your child experience the Montessori philosophy. Enroll your child to our elementary and preschool campus in Texas today. Get in touch!

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