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Phases of Montessori Language Curriculum


Language is one of the first lessons children will learn even without the aid of formal education because they have an absorbent mind. This is why Montessori Reggio Academy, a prominent and outstanding private school in Sugar Land, Texas incorporates the principles of the Montessori language curriculum in our overall teaching methods.

This language curriculum begins with the Spoken Language. Since children have an absorbent mind from birth to six years of age, they learn language by simply being around people who use language. As they listen to them speak, kids create an internal vocabulary and even practice communicating. Hence, at this stage, expose them to language through songs and poems.

The next phase would be Phonetic Awareness. This is where primary teachers introduce letters based on their sounds. Upon learning the alphabet phonetically, they can start identifying their corresponding symbols.

The third phase is Writing. Elementary teachers guide children as they create words through the moveable alphabet. When they master it, they can start doing activities that will strengthen their hands and fingers for writing.

The last phase will be Reading. Our elementary campus in Texas is widely recognized for producing multiple learners because our teaching method is in-depth. Being able to learn a language at a young age made them outstanding when it comes to writing and eventually reading. To enhance their reading skills, we deliberately expose them to vowels, symbols, and matching.

Our Montessori language curriculum will improve your children’s language performance, help them become expressive, and be the best communicators whilst ensuring that what we teach is on point to their current developmental level.

Quality education is a form of childcare. Enroll them in our school today!

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