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Learning to Read Through Writing


One of the teaching methods that differentiate the primary Montessori way from other early learning education providers is teaching children how to write first before reading. Teaching children how to write does not necessarily mean making them do writing practices on paper. Rather, the process involves teaching children how to write phonetically.

Children are taught about how each of the letters sounds. After this, they are introduced to the moving Alphabet where different consonants and vowels are paired with each other to make different syllables. During this stage, the child can also form their own syllables and make sounds on their own. This is the building block of their reading process. As they continue with their Montessori Programs in Sugar Land, Texas, they will slowly form and read words on their own and eventually also learn how to write with paper and pencil.

This teaching method that focuses on the organic and step-by-step learning of the child makes the process fun and not intimidating. This is especially evident in our Pre-Primary program where the aim is to develop the young child’s love for learning. We hope that the supportive and encouraging atmosphere we create at our academy can fuel our student’s love for literature, science, math, art, sports, and other academic subjects.

If you are looking for a reliable provider of early education and childcare in Texas, feel free to inquire at Montessori Reggio Academy.

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