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How Do Young Children Benefit From Reading?

Whether you are reading a storybook or classic novel before bed, reading aloud to your child makes a significant impact. Reading, along with enrolling your child in Montessori programs in Texas, helps build language skills and promotes early literacy. Reading to your child and helping them read is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a parent. Here, we explore how kids benefit from reading:

  • Boost Memory

    To follow a story properly, you must be able to remember it. Listening to an extended story over several nights will build your child’s memory skills during the pre-primary stage of their development. Regularly reading to your child will also develop their concentration skills, which is important as they progress in school.

  • Develop Empathy

    Reading stories at home and at their private school in Sugar Land, Texas, showcases different emotions. The more children know about emotions and feelings, the better they can empathize with others.

  • Expand Vocabulary

    Reading to your child at a specific time each day will expose your child to a variety of words. This expands their Vocabulary and provides more ways for them to express themselves. This not only improves their performance at school but also boosts their critical thinking skills. As kids build their vocabulary and listening skills, they also gain self-confidence and build healthy self-esteem.

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