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Helping Your Kids Succeed in Elementary School

Supportive parents encourage their kids to excel and succeed in elementary school. As they embark on a new chapter at an elementary campus in Texas, how can you help them learn, develop, and improve? Check out these foolproof tips below.

  • Get involved in academics.

    How do you stay on top of your kids’ academic events? Attend parent-teach conferences or back-to-school orientations! School administrators or teachers will inform you about upcoming activities, like Camp Montessori, fundraising, and other extracurricular events!

  • Know the school activities.

    Knowing the school activities will help you connect with your kids when you talk about school days and activities. Check the school calendar, testing dates, and class trips! This way, you can plan for participation or encourage your kids to join anything that interests them and be there to offer your support!

  • Support their homework.

    When you enroll your kids at a private school in Sugar Land, Texas, ensure you can help them with assignments, answer questions, and review their work. Be available to guide them, but ensure you do not provide the answers. Making mistakes is part of the learning process!

Our elementary campus at Montessori Reggio Academy caters to children ages four years old to 11 years old. Our curriculum is challenging, individually paced, and supportive, allowing students to engage in their learning in a respectful classroom. With the help of our teachers, your kids will learn vital life skills in these fundamental years. We also have a preschool campus in Texas for your preschoolers and more! Call us today to learn more about our programs.

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