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A Glimpse of the Montessori Art


We all have talents. A considerable percentage of people find themselves drawn to art. They’re extremely talented in expressing themselves and exploring their creativity through art, even at a young age. It is a plausible opportunity and experience and is one of the facets of learning Montessori Reggio Academy integrates into our Montessori programs in Sugar Land, Texas.

Our school’s elementary and primary teachers contend it is through art that children develop their fine motor skills, which is why we do our best to incorporate them into their daily activities.

Hereunder are the things we do in primary Montessori to effectively help children learn the art and use it as a tool to improve their creative expression:

  • Prepare the Working Environment. We designate a space for art making in the classroom, and we allow students to choose a medium to accomplish their artwork.
  • Encourage Resourcefulness. Art doesn’t need to be expensive, so our teachers in camp Montessori encourage recycling and innovating. We believe that creating art from scratch gives children a sense of pride in their work, especially if they see it displayed inside the classroom.
  • Incorporate Art with Literature. Our teachers allow them to create art based on their favorite characters in the book. Doing this gives us an opportunity to get to know them better as their personality most often is reflected through their idols.
  • Art Appreciation. There are times we go to local art museums so our students can appreciate them more. We also meet or invite local artists to inspire them to be one.

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