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Tips for Promoting Your Preschooler’s Academic Skills

When it comes to ensuring your child’s future success, the old saying goes, “The earlier, the better,” cannot be overstated. For parents out there who could use a tip or two on how to accomplish this, Montessori Reggio Academy, a private school in Sugar Land, Texas, is at your service!

Backed by our experience in childcare and education, we are well-equipped to provide insights into this matter. That being said, here’s what you can do to promote your preschooler’s academic success:

  • Use Multi-Sensory Approaches 
    Preschoolers learn best when multiple senses are engaged. Incorporate hands-on activities, visuals, auditory elements, and movement into learning experiences. For example, use manipulatives, flashcards, songs, and physical movement to reinforce concepts. It is a strategy utilized by primary and elementary teachers alike.
  • Encourage Problem-Solving 
    Support problem-solving skills by presenting open-ended questions and challenges. Encourage critical thinking and reasoning by asking “why” and “how” questions and allowing them to explore multiple solutions to a problem.
  • Foster Numeracy Skills
    Promote numeracy skills by introducing basic math concepts such as counting, sorting, measuring, and recognizing numbers. Our pre-primary teachers highly recommend using everyday situations to reinforce math concepts, such as counting objects during snack time or identifying shapes in the environment.
  • Establish a Routine
    Create a consistent daily routine that includes dedicated time for learning activities. This structure helps preschoolers understand expectations and allows for regular engagement in educational experiences.

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